Arabic Attar

Perfumery has been a significant a part of the Arab culture for thousands of years. Arabs would spend days movement through the hot desert to trade precious ingredients like saffron and wood. Alternative ingredients like amber, musk, henna, jasmine, wood and oud are very important in fragrance creating for Arabs. The Taif rose that grows within the valleys of Saudi Arabia is additionally a key ingredient. Till today, the art of fragrance creating within the Arab world continues to be being preserved. You'll smell the lingering aroma of their signature scents as they walk by you.Arabian perfumes are traditionally alcohol-free.

(a. Ruh Al Oudh b. Oudh c. Dehnal Oudh d. Saffron Oudh e. Amber Oudh f. Combodi Oudh g. W.Oudh)
(a. Royal Mukhallat b. Mukhallat Oudh c. Mukhallat Gold)